Support is at the core of everything we do at Hudson Pride Center, whether it’s emotional or practical, and our ability to provide it when needed has been a source of success in creating real and positive change. We know that mental and physical health are key quality-of-life factors, to that end, we do all we can to ensure our clients have access to a multitude of health services and that neither financial status, nor native language are a barrier. If you’re uninsured or undocumented, we are also able to help you. We provide:

  • HIV Awareness and Preventative Services
  • Mental Health
  • Specialty Health and Wellness Services
  • Services for Queer Women, Services for Transmen and Transmasculine People., Gender Affirming Services & Community Resources, Emergency Housing and Latinx Community/Comunidad Latinx Services Provided in Spanish

HIV Education and Preventive Services

Whether a person is newly diagnosed or a long term survivor Hudson Pride Center recognizes that the hardest part of navigating HIV-related healthcare needs can often be doing it alone. That’s why we’re committed to connecting you to the care you need. We even offer bus passes and other transportation assistance upon request for people who need it.


Schedule a FREE, confidential rapid HIV Test and receive a $15 gift card for completing the process. Book an intake & testing appointment at or follow our social media to receive updates on our Drop In Testing Hours (in office and offsite at community events).

We offer the following Rapid HIV Tests with results in 20 minutes:
1) 4th Generation Rapid HIV Test (finger prick) – the recommended time period to test is AT LEAST 2 weeks after a potential HIV exposure
2) OraQuick In-Home HIV Test (oral swab) – the recommended time period to test is AT LEAST 3 months after a potential HIV exposure

Questions? Contact


We can connect you with vetted and trusted HIV medical case managers, HIV care providers and medication adherence counselors. Not insured? We can also assist you with health insurance enrollment and navigating medication access programs for those who are unable to access insurance.


If you’re HIV-negative or do not know your status, we have PrEP counselors who can connect you with providers, help you navigate insurance and assist you with resources to cover any out-of-pocket costs related to the medication. Our counselors will help you learn about and access PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), which is a daily medication regimen to prevent HIV infection.

Mental Health Services

At Hudson Pride Center, a key part of our mission is to help increase our community’s access to effective mental health support. In our effort to ensure you’re connected to the mental health services that are most relevant to you, we provide:

  • Referrals to community counseling partners for LGBTQ+ affirming counseling needs
  • Cover the cost of sessions for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults (ages 13 to 24) regardless of insurance, financial, or citizenship status.
  • LGBTQ+ supportive programs


We’re committed to being an inclusive home for our entire community, and we know that everyone’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer specialized services to meet your specific health, wellness, hormone, language and basic quality-of-life needs. Wherever you are in your journey, we’re here for you! Our ever-evolving list of specialty services includes:

Queer Women’s Wellness Services

Hudson Pride Center has a wellness program geared to meet the specific needs of Queer women. Our dedicated staff is here to help guide you through the following:

  • Connection to safe and competent healthcare services
  • Navigating social services
  • Social support and short term counseling
  • Health and wellness education
  • Drug-free social activities

Services for Transmen and Transmasculine People.

At Hudson Pride Center we’re dedicated to meeting the needs of transmen and transmasculine people. We have staff members who are qualified to provide, guide you through or connect you to:

  • Social support and short term counseling
  • Transmasculine competent healthcare services
  • Navigating social services
  • Linkage to gender affirming medical care (see below)
  • Transmasculine specific health and wellness education
  • Drug-free social activities and events
  • Weekly support group

Gender Affirming Services & Community Resources

We know that gender identity is only one part of a person’s experience, and that some societal systems can create barriers around identity and prevent people from accessing the care they need. That’s why Hudson Pride Center has created an environment that provides supportive services aimed at directly meeting the needs of a gender-diverse community. To that end, we can assist you with:

  • Letters of medical necessity
  • Hormone therapy readiness assessments
  • Gender affirming surgery readiness assessments
  • Legal document change navigation
  • Health and social service navigation
  • Short term counseling
  • Weekly Support Groups

Latinx Community

At Hudson Pride Center, we believe language should never be a barrier to receiving needed services, so we provide the following services on demand in Spanish:

  • HIV Services
  • PrEP Services
  • Community Referrals
  • LGBTQ+ Youth and Young Adult support groups

To access any of our other services in Spanish, advanced scheduling of bilingual staff to assist will be required but our staff will work together to help connect you to what you need.

Comunidad Latinx

Hudson Pride Center tiene la capacidad de proporcionar los siguientes servicios en español:

  • Servicios de VIH
  • Servicios de PrEP
  • Referencias de la comunidad
  • Grupos de apoyo LGBTQ + para jóvenes y adultos

Para recibir servicios en español, se requiere programar un miembro del personal bilingüe con anticipación.

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